Posted on: February 6, 2008 12:22 pm

We don't need Roberts - Orioles can keep him.


Here's the latest update I could find:

The News
Erik Bedard is already on his way out of Baltimore, and ESPN.com's Buster Olney reports that, at some point, the Orioles and Cubs will finish the proposed deal for Brian Roberts. Pitcher Sean Gallagher would be the centerpiece of the package, with Felix Pie, Sean Marshall and Ronny Cedeno also being mentioned as possible parts of the trade. 

Okay, let's do a quick review.  Here's what we know:

  1. Brian Roberts is a known steroid user.  His lame excuse of "I tried it once" sounds like "I didn't inhale".
  2. He is over 30, which let's face it, doesn't give him too many good years left in the tank.  More on this in the next point.
  3. His value is solely dependent upon his speed.  This goes for fielding as well. 
  4. We will be giving up important depth and possibly one impact prospect to acquire him.

Let's put this all together now.  I, for one, don't want the cloud of steroid use hanging over the Cubs all season long.  He's a cheater, and could very well be a disruption to the whole organization.  Plus, Mark DeRosa isn't going to be too happy with going back to a utility role, which will only further cause clubhouse disruptions, because from what I understand, he's a pretty well-liked guy.

Counting on a 30 year old player whose value is so wrapped up in his legs is not a good idea.  Everything stems from his speed.  Stolen bases, runs scored, fielding chances, etc.  If he so much as tweaks a hamstring, it will hamper his game significantly.  Tied to this, his 50 SB's last year was an anomaly, which probably isn't going to happen again.  Think 25-30 tops.

And are we willing to sacrifice important depth to acquire one guy?  Sean Gallagher, Ronny Cedeno, Pie, and Marshall are important parts for us this year. 

Right now we are counting on Dempster and Marquis to be our 4 and 5 starters.  Does anybody really think that Dempster pitches a whole season injury-free?  Or that Marquis is effective all year?  Got news for you, neither one is going to happen.  Who do we turn to then?  Jon Lieber?  He has only pitched ONE full season since 2001 and is 37.  And who plays center field if Pie is dealt?  Sam Fuld doesn't exactly get me excited.

This deal doesn't help us enough to outweigh the risk of giving up our depth heading into the season.

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